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At Amazing Logistics, we offer a full-service experience for Amazon and other online sellers. We are experts in understanding Amazon’s requirements and can tailor a plan that works for you and your unique product. We take the complex logistics problems out of your business and can help with any aspect of your logistics solutions. Our goal is to make your business run as smoothly and profitably as possible.

We can also help with questions from how to create a shipment plan in Amazon to the best way to get your products there. Additionally, we have relationships with several partners that can help with a variety of issues most sellers are faced with. Some of our contacts include: freight forwarders, product photographers, packaging design companies, and even fulfillment centers for fulfilling outside of Amazon.

We offer transparent pricing and do not add on any hidden fees. You may contact us for current pricing or any additional information you may need. Please feel to explore details on each service below.

Container Receiving

All containers are unloaded into one of our secured warehouses the same day they arrive. All container deliveries must be coordinated prior to arrival.

We offer palletized and loose freight container receiving. Our basic pricing reflects a 2-hour unload, since most containers can be unloaded in a 2-hour timeframe, but for the occasional container that takes longer than 2 hours, there are additional fees. All unpalletized shipments will be charged a per pallet fee.

We are equipped to handle the following container types:

  • 20ft Container
  • 40ft Container
  • 40ft HQ Container
  • 45ft HQ Container

NOTE: Due to the high volume of container unloads at our facilities, containers will not be accepted without prior appointment.

Standard Receiving

We offer palletized (LCL or LTL) and unpalletized (loose freight) standard receiving. A standard size pallet is approximately 48" (length) x 40" (width) x 72" (height) including the pallet. A standard pallet will hold approximately 80 cubic feet of master cartons.

We will receive your shipment, provide a count of all master cartons, and provide weights and dimensions of each master carton type.

NOTE: Pallets that exceed 72" in height will require re-palletization and will be charged as loose freight. Mixed SKU pallets that need to be sorted will be charged as an unpalletized shipment.

We offer individual product inspection services, including:

  • Remove each product from its packaging
  • Visually inspect for flaws or breakage
  • Test workability of product
  • Report on findings


We offer standard and custom product labeling services, for example:

  • Suffocation Warning
  • Ready to Ship
  • Made in (Country of Origin)
  • Sold as Set
  • Custom Text Label


We offer product bundling services. From simple to complex, we can bundle or kit whatever you need. We can use customer-provided bundling material or packaging, or we can supply bundling material based on your specifications.


We offer standard and custom product handling services.

We have 4 secure storage facilities to meet your needs. We can store your goods, saving you money on Amazon storage fees. We charge a fee per pallet per day, and bill monthly. This is based on a standard sized acceptable pallet volume for Amazon (about 80 cubic feet, or 2.2 cubic meters). Our pricing does not increase during the holiday season, as it does with Amazon or many other fulfillment centers.

NOTE: For pallets of product that has not turned over within 6 months, we charge a higher fee per pallet per day.

We offer shipping and box forwarding services, including:

  • Small Parcel Forwarding: Apply shipping or FBA labels to already prepped Master Cartons and ship per Amazon's shipment requirements
  • LTL Shipments: Apply shipping or FBA labels to Master Cartons, schedule carrier for pickup and load the pallets onto the delivery truck

We offer a number of other services, such as the following:

Oversized Products

If your products are oversize or contain less than 20 units per carton, please contact us for a specific quote.


There are many reasons why you may need repacking prior to shipping, for example:

  • Product arrived with damaged master carton(s)
  • Product arrived in oversized boxes that must be replaced
  • Master carton replacement for other reason
  • Amazon Compliance: If your product needs to be split to keep in line with Amazon's weight (50lbs/box) and units per box (150 units per box) regulations

Simple packaging services would include placing products into customer-provided packaging.

If a generic packaging is required, we can help provide packaging for an additional fee. Some examples include:

  • Poly Bags
  • Bubble-mailer
  • Ziplock bags

Custom Box Assembly/Product Inserting

We offer customer box assembly to build customer-product product boxes.

We also custom product inserting services, for example:

  • Product inserts
  • Instruction inserts
  • Flier inserts
  • Business card inserts

Product Disposal/Removal

We can help with product disposal should the need arise. Some examples include:

  • Discontinued
  • Overstocked
  • Slow sales

Amazon Drop Test

We can help do a 3-foot drop test of your product and provide documentation needed, for example:

  • Photos
  • Video

Product Returns/Removal Orders

We can receive your Amazon returns, or if you need to recall a product from Amazon you can have it shipped to our warehouse.

We will work with you to customize the service to provide relabeling, repackaging, inspections, or whatever is needed to get it back on track.

NOTE: A Return/Removal work order form is required prior to sending us your returns or removals. Receiving charges apply for items shipped to our warehouse.


Shipments arriving with customs or duty fees due will be paid by us and billed to your account, along with an administrative fee.


We offer a variety of administrative services that have specific fees charged, for example:

  • Customs or duty fees
  • Bank wire transfer fee
  • Credit or debit card processing fee
  • Shipping plan template set up (per SKU)
  • Shipping plan sent to Amazon (max 25 SKUs per plan)